Assessing Antibiotics Prescribing Practices in Dentistry

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Kamuzu University of Health Sciences
This is retrospective cross-sectional study. The study is trying to explore the antibiotic prescribing pattern among dental therapists or dentists. We are trying to investigate the practices which might lead to expansion of the antimicrobial resistance and how to curb it. Worldwide, there is a general outcry of antimicrobial resistance spreading at a fast rate. This calls for surveillance systems and organization of data which can aid to halt the resistance spread. Unregulated use and empiric antimicrobial prescriptions among others are contributing to this impediment of treating infections. Aim and Objectives: The main aim is to investigate the antibiotic prescribing patterns among dental specialties. The specific objectives will include to describe the most common antibiotic regimen prescribed by dentists, to identify clinical and nonclinical indications in which antibiotics are prescribed in dentistry and to describe the factors influencing the Antibiotic prescription patterns among dental practitioners. Methodology: This is a cross section study, and we aim at using a structured questionnaire to interview the participants. We aim at collecting data from the written prescriptions from the participants. Specifically, we are targeting to get data related to antimicrobials prescribed for oral infection problems. Both private and public hospitals within Blantyre will be reached. Data analysis will be done at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS). And since it is cross section semi-quantitative research, we aim to use qualitative methods such as thematic data analysis as well as quantitative methods with application of software such as Minitab and SPSS. Expected Findings and Dissemination: Once the data is generated and analyzed, the findings will be shared with various stakeholders such as ministry of health and COMREC through pharmacy department. We desire to publish the findings in a peer-reviewed journal.
Dental antibiotics prescription