Assessing Women’s Perception towards Cervical Cancer Screening at Mponela Rural Hospital, Dowa

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STUDY DESIGN: This will be descriptive qualitative research study, assessing women’s perception towards cervical cancer screening at Mponela rural hospital. INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND: Cervical cancer is listed among the top gynaecologic cancers worldwide. It is ranked fourteenth among all cancers and fourth-ranked cancer among women worldwide. It is estimated that 85% of all cervical cancer deaths occur in developing countries. Malawi has the highest cervical cancer mortality rate in the world with 51.5 death per 100. 000 deaths per year. This is seven times the global rate, and double the rate in Eastern Africa. A call for cervical cancer elimination has been made and Malawi has adopted cervical cancer elimination strategies, which among them is cervical cancer screening. PROBLEM STATEMENT: Despite the available cervical cancer screening strategies that have been put in place in Malawi, and specifically Mponela Rural Hospital, cervical cancer screening rate still remains low. Currently only 4% of women in Mponela have accessed cervical cancer screening, against the 80% national target for cervical cancer screening. No studies have been done to establish the communities’ perceptions of cervical cancer and cervical cancer screening at Mponela Rural Hospital. Therefore the aim of this study is to assess the women’s perceptions towards cervical cancer screening STUDY OBJECTIVES: This study aims at assessing the women’s perceptions towards cervical cancer screening at Mponela Rural Hospital. SPECIFIC OBECTIVES 1. To assess women’s knowledge on cervical cancer 2. To explore women’s belief towards cervical cancer screening 3. To assess the barriers and facilitators to cervical cancer screening 4. To identify strategies that can promote cervical cancer screening METHODOLOGY: A descriptive qualitative research design using in-depth interviews to 30 women aged between 25 and 64 years of age who have never undergone cervical cancer screening at Mponela Rural Hospital. Eligible women waiting for other services, and have never had cervical cancer screening will be selected purposefully. In-depth interview will be done using a semi structured thematic interview guide to deeply explore women’s perceptions on cervical cancer screening. The instrument will be tested at Mtengowanthenga Mission Hospital, and trustworthiness of the instrument will be determined. EXPECTED FINDINGS: It is expected that women’s perceptions on cervical cancer screening at Mponela Rural Hospital will be identified. This will help in establishing policies and strategies that can help in increasing the uptake of cervical cancer screening. ETHICAL CONSIDERATION: Prior to starting the study, approval of the study will be sought from College of Medicine Research and Ethics Committee and permission will be obtained from Dowa District Health Office research committee. Explanation about the search study will be explained to the eligible women, and informed consent will be sought. DATA ANALYSIS: Thematic data analysis will be used to describe and interpret the data, as well as to select code and construct themes. DISSEMINATION OF THE RESULTS: The results will be disseminated to College of Medicine Research and Ethics Committee, Kamuzu University for Health Sciences, Dowa District Health research committee as well as publishing in a nursing journal
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