Assessing the burden of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and risk factors among Blantyre city based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) drivers

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Kamuzu University of Health Sciences
Type of Study The study is a cross-sectional study that will adopt the World Health Organization (WHO) STEPS survey design for NCD risk factors assessment with particular interest on Diabetes. Problem The prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in Malawi was determined at 5.6% among adults aged 25-64 years by national wide STEPS survey in 2009. Sedentary life style which is a characteristic of driving population has been associated with increasing prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus. Studies on determinants and distribution of DM among different groups of driving populations including taxi drivers, bus drivers and truck drivers have been conducted. The results from the studies have informed effective programming on DM response interventions amongst the target populations. Currently epidemiology of DM among Non-Governmental Organization drivers in particularly is not known and documented. Knowledge on prevalence of DM and their associated risk factors among NGO drivers in Blantyre city will inform evidence-based interventions that specifically respond to diabetes burden among them. Objectives The main objective of the study is to assess the prevalence and risk factors of Diabetes Mellitus among NGO drivers in Blantyre city. Specific objectives include: Assess prevalence of lifestyle and behavior risk factors, Medical/ physiological risk factors and prevalence of DM among NGO drivers. Methodology A sample of 91 NGO drivers from Blantyre city will be interviewed, assessed on behavior, physical and biomedical risk factors. Two enumerators and two certified providers will be temporally employed to facilitate data collection process. The enumerators will be interviewing NGO drivers on background information, behavior risk factors using a questionnaire. The interviewees together with their partly filled questionnaires will next be directed to providers (Nurse/Clinician) for presence of DM, physical and biomedical factors assessment. All interviews will be recorded, entered into STATA 16 and hard copies filed in a file cabinet. Data will be processed and analyzed using STATA. Expected Findings It is expected that there will be significant associations between behavior, physical, physiological risk factors to prevalence of DM in Blantyre city-based NGO drivers. Dissemination of Findings Findings from the study will be shared with relevant authorities in Blantyre city council, CONGOMA, Ministry of Health and COMREC to reflect on the recommendations of the study. It is expected that findings from the study will be used by Malawi government for reference on development of comprehensive national NCDI /Diabetes policy.
Diabetes, Mellitus